Sweeping Body-Scan & Breath Meditation Christopher Sanderson

In 2013 I enrolled on The British School of Meditation’s Teacher Training Course, which I can highly recommend. We were worked hard, but we also had lots of fun, we made friends, and learnt a good deal about meditation, of which you may know I am a fan.

Four years later I enrolled for what I thought was a ten-day silent retreat, at the Vipassana centre at Dhamma Dipa. It turned out to be ten days to learn a particular kind of meditation, not altogether in silence, but rather by audio and video instruction.

I did learn the technique, and enjoy using something similar in my own meditations. No doubt I didn’t catch hold of all the nuances, I don’t concentrate well enough for that to have happened.

The two events have now been combined in my conspiration to produce an audio guided meditation and a video. youtube and insight timer are the places to look.


Always with a question
With the same question

Yet never asked
No never proffered
Hidden so deep

Hidden away
With that great security
Of insecurity

Always with contemplation
With the same meditation

So often fallen
So often fallen into

Dwelt so deeply
Dwelt with that great time
Of no time at all




About christopheratcoastmoor

Most days I would try to write a poem; it is a practice, as I suppose is meditation, or smiling, or watching the world go by.
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