Doncaster, Ibiza, Formentera, Castles, Cathedrals, ​Nudist​ Beaches, And All Inclusive

So my friend said, look if you give me a real good wedge of money I’ll sort you out putting on a stone in weight, getting loads of midge bites, a touch of sun-stroke, and a reasonable amount of hangovers.

Well, of course, we said yes, what true blue brit wouldn’t, not that we are of that persuasion – but we did vote for Mr Corbyn, we also voted to remain in Europe; how else to enable trouble-free vacations to the Balearics (Ibiza & Formentera).

Doncaster airport is trouble free, and let it always be so; even with two jam-packed flights to Gdansk and Warsaw (has the exodus already begun) the breakfast bar stood up to the test. Full English readily available, with Farmers Blonde beer on draught as well.

Thereafter it was Estrella and Mojito all the way, and I have to say that some holidaymakers did go all the way; that first-day sun, accompanied with a free bar, naturally led to a case of the falling over, then packed off early to bed.

Don’t they say never go back, it is absolutely true for what once was a quiet unspoilt island with similarly beautifully empty beaches, now ferryboats every fifteen minutes to La Savina mean that to find a quieter place you might just have to get your kit off (all of your kit off that is).

That said, if you have the dosh, the real dosh, you can moor in Ibiza Harbour. Become the centre of attraction for tourists. I now understand that CI on your yacht is more likely to mean the Cayman Isles as opposed to the Channel Isles. So, it was an educational trip after all, alas for we two it was not tax deductible.



About christopheratcoastmoor

Most days I would try to write a poem; it is a practice, as I suppose is meditation, or smiling, or watching the world go by.
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