North Sea Observatory, Pay & Display, Full English Breakfast, Guardian Crossword, Tour Of Beach Huts To Let, Return Home via Saltfleetby.

Thursday is our day, that is on my weekly planner Thursday is shaded out as a Kate & Christopher Day.

So today we drove around a good bit of the sparsely populated lands of Lincolnshire (Thanks to Kate’s Sat Nav) on our way to the new North Sea Observatory, which to my chagrin, and I expect also to many others, now has a pay and display car park for its visitors to stump up for.

The breakfast is good, very good, but not cheap, so clearly the car park fees are not subsidising the food. There was no exhibition, so a similar view can be taken to the car park fees in that regard.

After breakfast we started on the Guardian Crossword, yes I had to be firm with Kate and say the crossword had to wait until after breakfast. Actually, we started by looking at the cryptic crossword, but in less than sixty seconds we moved onto a more manageable format.

We did complete the crossword, without any references to Dictionaries, Thesauruses (is that a real word?) or Crossword Manuals.


Then for our short walk around the beach huts. Two are available to let via mobile phone numbers; also there is one concreted pitch, with sufficient room, but with no board to describe its status.

We drove home via Saltfleetby, principally so that I could find the shortest distance to the coast from our home (11 miles as it happens) but also so Kate could, as she says, be nosey, and see what’s for sale what’s not for sale. A bit like reading births and deaths in the local rag it seems to me. Anyway, Lincolnshire is not short of housebuilders, nor house knocker downers.

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Most days I would try to write a poem; it is a practice, as I suppose is meditation, or smiling, or watching the world go by.
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