John O’Donohues call for Wild Soul Prayer, Home-Made PhD Project 4 Wild Soul, Peaceful.

A good while ago I wrote a few poems which I thought were prayers, not that back then, or now, was I a religious person. Those prayers I thought to encourage my contemplation, to be quieter more settling words. But to chase after a wild soul seemed to require a different kind of prayer.

I was reminded of a vacation that Kate and I had in Majorca, where we stayed in hotels that had once been monasteries. Our first hotel was atop a mountain with a very long, steep, and narrow road which we drove up in the dead of night, in the scariness of darkness.

This was Sant Salvador, A monastic hotel with its own church. Our bedroom was downstairs, along a plain-walled corridor. The rooms were cell-like in their sparseness, I guess they had once been monks quarters, places to be silent.

Yet both the rooms and the land around the hotel had magnificent far-reaching views, no wonder this place had been chosen for prayer and meditation. No wonder that today I would use the images to inspire my Wild Soul, Peaceful video-poetry prayer.

One day, after we had been touring around we came back up the mountain to be greeted by a host of quad-bike explorers, this place it seems was firmly on the must-see bucket list, though I am not sure how peaceful I would have felt going down the narrow mountain roads with no barriers to prevent you from going over the edges!


About christopheratcoastmoor

Most days I would try to write a poem; it is a practice, as I suppose is meditation, or smiling, or watching the world go by.
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