Out Of Step, Being Aware Of Being Aware, Peaceful, Be Calm Be Happy, Aircraft Overhead, Soon We Will Be Elsewhere​, Branch Lines To The Silence.

We were asked the question, by our meditation teacher: Had we had any special moments whilst she had been away? As usual, I was not quick enough off the mark to remember the time of writing my poem, which became Project 11 Being Aware.

Needing to correct my oversight I determined to post the video on youtube, even though, strictly speaking, it was not in the right order for my Home-Made PhD.

This is perhaps the plainest of my projects to date, which perhaps says something about my being aware. I wrote the poem in one short sitting, sat in our lounge with the sun streaming in through the windows. I then recorded myself reading from the handwritten notes into the camcorder, again first take was all it took.

Does it work, is it appropriate for a meditation group, should I work more on working with the simple. Either way, I feel able to congratulate myself in having reached this stage on an adventure, which began less than 3 months ago in the Sainsbury Centre for the Visual Arts.

It doesn’t seem right to end the week without thanking Jane for her birthday party at the Mansion House, nor to not thank Steve Bruce for the upturn of fortunes at SWFC.



About christopheratcoastmoor

Most days I would try to write a poem; it is a practice, as I suppose is meditation, or smiling, or watching the world go by.
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