I am also known as coastmoor, it is a nom de plume I began to use when first posting poetry to websites in the Nineteen nineties. I don’t know why the various websites, including the wonderful BBC’s Get Writing didn’t want poets and writers to use their real name, but it was the way of things back then, and thus coastmoor was created; sadly the BBC site is no more a place for poets to meet and greet, to support and criticise.

Poetry is a major part of my life now but it wasn’t always so. Mostly I played truant from my grammar school, especially from the English lessons which filled me with dread. I was not at all a bookish child, much preferring to play outdoors, a very active and sporting  start to life which my idyllic countryside childhood time allowed.

Nottingham Trent University (NTU) bestowed upon me their MA in Creative Writing: the poetry and screenwriting tutors there helped me no end, however (a word never to use in poetry so I’m told) it was my first tutor Barbara Edwards, at the University of Derby – Buxton, who said “Christopher you are a poet”. Yes it was Barbara who truly got me, or kept me going, and for that I am eternally thankful to her.


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