Home-Made PhD Poetry + Video Poetry – Project 3 Embedding The Silence, Photographs, Photographs, Photographs, Captions, Captions, Captions, Crashes, Crashes, Crashes.

So I updated the licences for the software, such that photographs could be manipulated, and videos could be created. And it’s true for the first two projects of the Home-Made PhD things went sort of ok.

But, and this ought to have been expected, I got ahead of myself, I started integrating sounds (that is integrating not ingratiating), I started expecting the text to roll and scroll, I wanted the pictures to pan and zoom.

All of this without one minute of training, nor one glimpse of the ‘how to get started’ video. Nevertheless, headway is being made. Three videos are in the can (which can do I hear you ask), including Project 3 Embedding The Silence, a fourth is mid-production.

Actually, the fourth one is a sort of prayer (non-religious of course), which I will share with you textually after the photographs. The photographs are from the video, and are of my children (who else do you think I would pray for).

John O’Donohue asks that I write a prayer for the wild soul. I determine to listen to Slow Radio with the Benedictine monks as I do this. The monk tells of the two sides of prayer, one side is the everyday, and the other side is the silence.

Wild Soul, Peaceful

As a young boy all was ahead, most was aimed at play
I could not have enjoyed this time more
Let this stay in my memory
Let this be the foundation for my soul
Let this be the source of joy, of life, of beauty, of love
Let these touchstones join me in the present moment
Let them be in the breath I breathe
Let them be in the sights I see
Let them be the notes, in the scents I smell
Let them be the music in the sounds I hear
Let them be there in everything I touch
Especially when I touch my skin on your skin
I have no need of escape with such a soul within me
I have no need or desire to become someone other
For the old man also all is ahead, most will be aimed at play
I hope not to have been able to enjoy this time anymore than I did
Let this be my guiding light
Let this be the nourishment, the food for my soul
Let this be the fountain of joy, of life, of beauty, of love
Between the young boy, and the old man
Life had many pleasures, much was love
Life had many upheavals, much was love
Let me be thankful for the pleasures
Let me be thankful for the upheavals
Let me be thankful for the love of love
When there were friendships, lovers, children
When there were places, times, variable conditions
Let me be thankful
For the friendships
For the lovers
For the children
Let me be thankful
For the places
For the times
For the variable conditions
I have known disruption, I have known progress
I have known doubt, I have known certainty
I have known trouble, I have known peace
I have known stress, I have known calm
I have subscribed to the silence
I have thought to say this as a prayer
I am grateful, to be able to write this prayer

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Home-Made PhD, Plum Village (UK) Be Calm Be Happy Online Meditation Course, Branch Lines To The Silence.

I dug out the notes from my 2007 PhD proposal. How pompous was I, no wonder I wasn’t selected. My 2019 aim is not to intellectualise video-poetry, nor in any way to try to justify it. My objective is to popularise video-poetry (make it more popular with more people).

Meditation might help, I have enrolled on an online course, it runs Thursday evenings for eight weeks, though we are given additional materials to work with during the coming week.

In this mornings meditation I found a peacefulness. A good while ago I wrote a book called Branch Lines To The Silence. I would like the search for silence to be part of the Poetry + Video-Poetry project, maybe even with a follow on book.

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Home-Made PhD – Project 2 Opaque, The Sea, The Sea, The Dunes Cafe Winter Opening Hours, Cromer Tea Rooms

We set off from Boathouse Cottage at Wayford Bridge to The Dunes Cafe at Winterton Beach, having first looked up the opening hours on the internet. Without breakfast we were parched when we arrived, only to find the place locked and bolted. It was very cold, there was a strong wind.

Ideal conditions then to see a white sea for the first time. A few photographs were taken, including ones of the closed cafe should ever we return. We drove on, towards Cromer we thought, though our satnav thought otherwise.

We did find a neat tearoom, Hatters, in Cromer, lots of space, lots of tea, lots of cake. Yet Cromer had not evaded the cold cold North Wind. A quick walk through the town, then spritely back to the car, missing out on what appears to be quite a wonderful church.

Back home and the photographs of the sea brought to mind the LS Lowry painting of the north sea to mind, and thus was borne the idea for project 2 of the Home-Made PhD, but only after The Friday Morning Poets Salon had come up with the theme of Opaque.

View Project 2 Opaque on Youtube by clicking anywhere around here

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Six Days in a Boatyard, Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, UAE, Home-Made PhD

We had a short, post-New Year break, at Wayford Bridge, near Norwich. We rented a really neat cottage, which turned out to be in a boatyard. The coast was not far away, with deserted sands, wild seas and the occasional seal. A visit to SCVA was one of the highlights, during which I got the idea to study a PhD.

Unfortunately, the PhD loan system, for fees and living expenses, is not available to over 60’s so I could not continue with my application. I was disappointed. But the disappointment did not last long. I determined that I would create a Home-Made PhD. The subject is to be Poetry + Video-Poetry.

There will be research, for it will be a project taken seriously, but there will be plenty of creative time, where I will create video-poetry from my own work. The first of these is already on youtube: Project 1 – SCVA

This blog will be the place for news of the Home-Made PhD progress, Youtube and Vimeo will be the two outlets for my own video-poetry.

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Loving Kindness Meditation For Everyone I, Or You, Have Ever Known

I sat down to my morning meditation with my usual mantra. Then I thought (no I know I shouldn’t have), wait, why not do a Loving Kindness Meditation, it is Christmas Day after all.

Then I thought some more (yes, I know it is becoming a habit), why not offer Loving Kindness to everyone I have ever known; good or bad, happy or sad, old or young, dark or light, friend or foe, lover or lost lover, family or friend.

Twenty-three minutes later the end bell sounded; there I was back in my childhood remembering friends from junior school, from poetry, from meditation, from football, from work, from play, from all the places I had ever lived.

It would be good I thought (yes, still occasionally thinking I’m afraid) if I could have a group photograph of everyone in this meditation. Of course, that is only possible in my mind, so for today we will have a picture of Kate, taken on our recent trip for Fish and Chips in Cleethorpes.


Merry Christmas, And A Happy New Year To Everyone I, Or You, Have Ever Known

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North Sea Observatory, Pay & Display, Full English Breakfast, Guardian Crossword, Tour Of Beach Huts To Let, Return Home via Saltfleetby.

Thursday is our day, that is on my weekly planner Thursday is shaded out as a Kate & Christopher Day.

So today we drove around a good bit of the sparsely populated lands of Lincolnshire (Thanks to Kate’s Sat Nav) on our way to the new North Sea Observatory, which to my chagrin, and I expect also to many others, now has a pay and display car park for its visitors to stump up for.

The breakfast is good, very good, but not cheap, so clearly the car park fees are not subsidising the food. There was no exhibition, so a similar view can be taken to the car park fees in that regard.

After breakfast we started on the Guardian Crossword, yes I had to be firm with Kate and say the crossword had to wait until after breakfast. Actually, we started by looking at the cryptic crossword, but in less than sixty seconds we moved onto a more manageable format.

We did complete the crossword, without any references to Dictionaries, Thesauruses (is that a real word?) or Crossword Manuals.


Then for our short walk around the beach huts. Two are available to let via mobile phone numbers; also there is one concreted pitch, with sufficient room, but with no board to describe its status.

We drove home via Saltfleetby, principally so that I could find the shortest distance to the coast from our home (11 miles as it happens) but also so Kate could, as she says, be nosey, and see what’s for sale what’s not for sale. A bit like reading births and deaths in the local rag it seems to me. Anyway, Lincolnshire is not short of housebuilders, nor house knocker downers.

1 (1)

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Grasmere, Heaton Cooper Studio, Bilberry Pie, Radio Lincolnshire, Mindspace Meditation, Sour Milk Gill, Body Like Mountain, Mind Like Sky, Breath Like Wind, Play-Off-Place

That M62 on a quiet Friday in October is just the thing for getting to Grasmere in double quick time, though not with sufficient time to call into Windermere.

Thank heavens we didn’t, or we wouldn’t have been able to savour the bilberry pie, or the three generations of landscape paintings, in the Heaton Cooper Studio.

Fine preparation for being interviewed, live-on-air, by Radio Lincolnshire.

My words not having quite the clarity as the insightful Adam Dacey from Mindspace, who led us peacefully through the mindfulness meditation retreat, while at the same time allowing us sufficient time off on Saturday afternoon to walk up to Sour Milk Gill.

The Saturday evening meditation was a sensory candlelit affair, to the background noise of deer in season outside the Glenthorne Quaker Centre & Guest House which was our residence for the weekend.

Sunday morning we were gifted the stimulating mantra: Body Like Mountain, Mind Like Sky, Breath Like Wind.

It was what in Yorkshire we might have called a cracking weekend; and SWFC won, to move into the play-off places.


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