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No, No Really, I Have Been Fishing

Well ok I didn’t actually hold a rod and line, or a net for that matter, but I did give support; morally, psychologically, and sustenance wise. Yes, I kept my son company as he fished the well-stocked fishing lakes of Woodlands … Continue reading

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The First Cubist Poem Is Made, By Christopher Sanderson, March 2018

Draw a Cube :: Count the Faces :: Number the lines Six Faces = Six Stanzas :: Each Face = Four Lines :: Ergo A Twenty Four Line Poem. One Cube = Twelve Lines :: Develop A Plan to Allow Lines … Continue reading

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Finding Traces, Making Marks

The grant didn’t come through. How did I feel. I felt annoyed. That’s how I felt Insufficient experience of this kind of work they said. They might have said, too much experience, knows how to organise effectively, an outsider, don’t … Continue reading

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Time to Restart

My first WordPress attempt was a false start. As with all I things new I neither read nor followed the instructions and became frustrated at my inability to get this danmned thing to work. Eighteen months later I have calmed … Continue reading

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